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mar. 06 sept.



Distant Land an exhibition by Ingmar Riswick

A l'occasion de la fête d'ouverture de la saison 2022-2023

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 Distant Land an exhibition by Ingmar Riswick
 Distant Land an exhibition by Ingmar Riswick

Heure et lieu

06 sept. 2022, 19:30 – 22:30

Athina, Mark. Mousourou 3, Athina 116 36, Grèce

À propos de l'événement


Derivations of the narrations of desire, acknowledgement and sublime .

In the static processes of Alienation and desertification ( here meant not only as the geopolitical / environmental process of green areas getting dessert, or parks become concrete buildings) there must be a time for you and me, for a togetherness and an resistance against consumption. This places are somewhere in the land of distance. The dessert is also a place of concentration and a place to create an effort to return the line from the point of no return - also the dead end.

1) Straight in them they are breaking up to a metaphysical surface and we are trapped to resist. Lines are breaking up in the virtual ( D.binstein - Fotograph/Philosophie; Merve Leipzig) or even in the entrance to it. What is a possibility to exist, to find an external access to the juxtaposition in the general voids, either photographing should mean here to subsequent the ambient and the abstract. Photography is meant as derivation of realism.. Hate aspects, as also the extension of dance between the voids can ptrigger an impulsiv escalation. The photographer is able to become a subject that is active and is released from the form of the spectator.

2) Desires are carried in a frequently beating extension in our selfs statically reforming and elapsing. The Gestalt of this ones are often a cluster of Geometries. Desire shapes under satisfaction and loose. The fiction of a drawing can describe a vague access to our underdog as great automatists like Ornate Coleman, Don Cherry, Ansgar Jorn, Linda Shamrock ( aso.) breaking structures. In the three minimalist Drawings there should be open a second dimension to the fast narration of photography.

3) A third derivation draws the aspect of the sublimated as an extension of Eisenstein pornographic drawings. Here the concrete approaches of Eisenstein stimulations are taken off and are resolved by an one layered welded metal sketch, in addition there is an spontanes. Vlies attached wich breaks the simple line of the weld. In reference to "Bodies that matters" (Judith Buttler) it should appoint Mannigfaltigkeit/ Diversity of body and brain in sexuality.

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