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jeu. 22 oct.


Beton 7 art radio

Concrète solos (Solos concrets)

Live concert and interview on Βeton7ArtRadio (Part of VOULEZ VOUS: Festival of French-speaking artists in Athens)

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Concrète solos (Solos concrets)
Concrète solos (Solos concrets)

Heure et lieu

22 oct. 2020, 17:00 UTC+3

Beton 7 art radio

À propos de l'événement

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In  its unlimited expressivity, the piano has landed on to our time as an  imaginary space-vehicle that travelled the path from classical to  contemporary music and from jazz and its improvisational wealth to  modern sonic installations, where computers software and hard-wiring  abound. The latter, having opened  the floodgates to an unprecedented sonic expression, contributed to the  release of sound and its energy from its traditional bondings to rhythm  and counterpoint. From the early  days of tape-based experimentation until the gradual formation of the  musique concrète genre, the occurred sonic renaissance transformed music  to soundscapes, sculptures and tumultuous vibrations-more physically  experienced than heard. Can an unplugged, “traditionally" played piano be capable of delivering a similar experience nowadays? Having  the fundamental principles of musique concrète as a starting point,  Vago Tedosio detaches sound from its presumed rhythmical and harmonic  function and performs a set of improvisations for solo piano. In  his music concept Tedosio defines sounds as entities born into a  tabula-rasa aural plane that seek via proprioception an existence free  of inherited music theory-based purpose but at the same time have the  need to establish such a set of rules anew. Vago  Tedosio (London- Athens ) studied piano and composition at the National  Conservatory of Athens and at Concordia University- Canada. Self-taught  later on and with an deep interest in fusing physics with art, he  explores the application of Chaos Theory in music and its influence on  the compositional development of music forms. A  trademark of his music is the ever-going evolution of sound mass to  melody and back, thus establishing an environment where harmony and  counterpoint interrelate to sonic densities.

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